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Does Phentermine Diet Pill Really Work?

What is Phentermine Diet Pill?

Phentermine is an infamous prescription diet pill that helps you to achieve greater results than diet and exercise alone. We have seen thousands of customer reviews across the internet, and it comes with different concentrations and under different names depending on the manufacturer. One of the best known names is Adipex.

History of Phentermine Diet Pill

Phentermine was first approved for use in weight loss by the FDA in 1959, and since then, it has become one of the best known prescriptions on the market. From what we have found, users seem to commonly flock to this product, despite its short term effects.


The Phentermine diet pills has been known to produce 10-15% more weight loss in clinical studies than diet and exercise alone, which is significant all other prescriptions considered. It works with amphetamine like mechanisms of action. Users tend to use it over and over, even though it works only in short spans.

Side Effects

Phentermine diet pill use has been associated with side effects such as shortness of breath, chest pain, severe headaches, confusion, severe depression, seizures, insomnia, swelling, unusual thoughts or behavior, blurred vision, and unfortunately rapid weight gain in some individuals.

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