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Cheap Vacation Tips

March 30th, 2010

The biggest tip that I can recommend when it comes to finding a cheap vacation is to use all inclusive travel. This may be a tour bus, it may be a cruise, though I would not actually recommend cruises if you really want to see a country. It can be fun to use a cruise to just relax and take a break. But for real vacations to specific countries or regions, bus tours for all inclusive travel are actually better.

So what are the advantages of all inclusive travel for cheap vacations? Well, first of all, they often lump all charges into one charge so that you don’t have to worry about it. But in addition to that, you also get other benefits. They actually get all of the cheaper deals and pass the savings onto you with all of these companies. Because they are working with groups instead of individuals, they are willing to give you better group rates to fill their buses and planes and otherwise.

Now you can use coupons, stay in hostels, and otherwise try to make it on your own. I have done that, and in college I went with friends. It was a lot of fun. But when you’re working with families, and even in college, it doesn’t actually save you money to do so, sometimes the 2 star hotels can be a little scary, and those options are becoming more expensive than ever before. But all inclusive travel gives you more value. Yes, you may spend some time on a bus. But traveling between countries in Europe, you would be spending time on planes, trains, etc anyway. So it’s not that different in that way. But you are getting far better benefits, far better travel, and so much in terms of the prices in general.