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Stretch To Lose Weight

August 31st, 2009

I remember my weights teacher in high school.  He was a great guy, and he had this thing about telling us that if he even looked at a piece of cake, he would gain 3 pounds.  Realistically in ever thought that was true, but he insisted upon it, and he was a huge guy to say the least, and it wasn’t muscle.  However, he was always stressing one thing when he talked about workouts.  Yes, he had the idea that you should actually switch between areas of the body from day to day doing upper body one day and lower body the next to just give your muscles time to heal I guess you could say. 

But his big stress was stretching.  He liked to talk about these guys he would see at the gym who couldn’t even touch their back really because they had focused so much on lifting at the expense of stretching that they had lost basically all flexibility, and moreover when they were lifting, they weren’t making the full extensions, which only added to the greater problem.  Flexibility is important to any sport and avoiding injury in general.  So yes, he had a point.  So while doing the full extensions at all times when lifting is important, you also have to do extra stretching outside that.  The best time is actually when your muscles are heated up, because then you will be able to stretch farther and really give them what they need.